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Why is learning English so important for your kid’s career?

Posted by on Jan 25, 2018

Why is learning English so important for your kid’s career?

You may be wondering why learning English became paramount in today’s society. Well, the reasons are various but the most important one would be the fact that it is an international language that allows people to communicate with each other in an efficient, professional manner. Almost all the international schools and programmes are being held in English and this is the main language of every device, program or machinery that people use. Most jobs require fluency in speaking English and this should be taken into account when you decide what studies your kid should undergo. Here are a few facts that will convince you that English is the stepping stone to the future generation’s careers:


English can easily be mastered

English is not a complicated language. Anyone can learn how to speak English if they have enough motivation to do it. Taking an English lesson skype every now and then might help your kids – or even yourself – to learn how to properly communicate in a foreign language. This way, there’s no need of leaving the comfort of your own home behind. Your children do not have to attend difficult, expensive courses in order to fluently speak English. If you include English in their daily activities, you won’t be able to tell how fast time has passed and how rapid their language skills developed.

Repetition and practice are what makes it easy to learn new words and finally express yourself freely. The same goes for watching as many English-subtitled movies as possible instead of always opting for your mother language subtitles. Video games and the mobile phone’s menu are other sources of learning new words. People nowadays are entirely surrounded by the influence of English so it’s quite impossible not to learn something by simply attending daily activities.

Your children will have more opportunities

Once they learn English, more opportunities will show in your children’s path. Many job positions require English as a second language and this is very important since the hiring interview depends on it. Almost all potential employees started to include English interviews in the application process, so not studying it will be a decision to regret later on. Knowing English is a tremendous boost in one’s career, no matter the field they are working in. Some companies offer raises for people who can talk or write in English because it’s beneficial for the business’ productivity.

Passing official exams like IELTS, TOEFL, CAE, FCE etc. is a huge benefit in case your children decide they want to study or work abroad. Most major universities demand such an exam certificate in order to attend the courses available there. The same goes for big companies. Each job implies speaking or writing English in some way and, even if it doesn’t, it is a big plus for any person who is capable of mastering it. English is the language of the future, of technology and global communication. You can travel worry-free knowing that you’ll be able to understand what’s happening by speaking English.