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The University of Sheffield, a reliable option for your future

Posted by on Mar 23, 2016

The University of Sheffield, a reliable option for your future

The University of Sheffield, located in South Yorkshire, England, is one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the country. It has gained its reputation after the merger of several colleges located in Sheffield and is currently a top destination for those who choose to continue their academic studies after high school. In case you are thinking about applying but you would like to avoid larger establishments such as Cambridge or Oxford, this smaller institution may be the right choice for you. It provides the same qualitative educational system, but you are devoid of the hassle of a huge university town. Besides the establishment based in the United Kingdom, the institution also has an International Faculty in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Sheffield University reputation

Currently, this university has internationally known as a leading teaching and research organisation, not only in the UK but also worldwide. This is mostly due to the great tradition and history, dating back hundreds of years ago. In 2011, the institution was named the “University of the Year” by the reputable Times Higher Education Student Experience Survey. In 2014, it has also made it to the top, proving all the candidates that it is a reliable option for their future. As far as social life, student experience, facilities and accommodation, Sheffield competes with some of the best known names in the field. Furthermore, there are five alumni and academics who graduated here which were awarded with the Nobel Prize.

The campus is quite resourceful

Sheffield has a great campus that will make you live the ultimate college experience. It consists in multiple individual buildings and sites and is divided into two main zones: the St George’s and the Western Bank. As a student, you can always choose to live here, because you have access to all the facilities you need to lead a comfortable life. There are plenty of student accommodation Sheffield alternatives, facilities and leisure activities you can choose from. The resourceful campus provides everything a youngster needs to enjoy their college years.

You have many academic options

Taking into consideration that it receives candidates from many parts of the world, the University of Sheffield is divided in five academic faculties: Arts and Humanities, Engineering, Medicine, Dentistry and Health, Science and Social Sciences. Each of them has at least six departments, in order to answer the great demand for diversity of its students. In addition to these, there are also four special “schools”, dedicated to Architecture, Management and Medicine.