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Study abroad programs – more like an investment rather than a vacation

Posted by on Aug 9, 2016

Study abroad programs – more like an investment rather than a vacation

Many people agree that student life is probably the best period in one’s life, since it is full of adventure, friendships and new and unforgettable experiences. However, it is important to know that there are certain aspects to consider when going overseas with a study abroad program and one of them is doing some detailed research on the internet and looking for student housing Newcastle several months prior to the departure. Here is why you should consider study abroad programs as an investment and not as a vacation.

Treat this program seriously

Even though you plan to visit numerous locations in your new host country while studying abroad, this does not mean that you have to consider this experience a vacation. It might happen for a friend or a younger relative to want to go on the same study abroad program as you did several years ago and they might request you for your transcripts. If you got straight A’s during that semester, your relatives will consider you a role model and a trust-worthy person.

Read and read and read even more

You should know that taking notes while you go to courses might not be enough in order to get those A’s to the most difficult exams. It is recommended to read outside the classroom as well in order to understand better what that historical said about that specific event, or how a novel writer can change his or her style over the years for instance. Studying abroad implies a lot of responsibilities and hard work, but it is for sure that the results are rewarding.

Engage in various activities

Beyond going to classes and reading, you should also engage in certain activities that can help you develop your personality and enrich your knowledge in the domain you are interested in. Volunteer at a local school one day a week, look for internships at certain local companies, write some articles for a well-known local newspaper or any other such activity that will help you develop certain skills or even acquire new ones.

Travel a lot with your new friends

It is true that study abroad programs should be taken seriously, but you should still find time for yourself. Travel out of town during weekends when you are not so busy and do not have so many things to do. Bond new friendships and travel together to some of the most amazing places in your new host country.