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Preschool education: Talking to children about reptiles

Posted by on Nov 24, 2016

Preschool education: Talking to children about reptiles

Teaching pre-schoolers about Australian wildlife is important, but at the same time it is a challenge. The reason for this is that children spend all their free time in front of the television and the computer and it is needless to say that their connection with nature is non-existent. As a teacher, it is your responsibility to talk to your students about the value of wildlife and, of course, their environment. While pre-schoolers are open when it comes to new things, especially lessons about animals, you are not likely to grab their attention with just plain facts. What you should do is think about a hands-on approach to learning. More precisely, you should book a reptile show. Live reptile shows as school incursions Melbourne are a great idea, one of the biggest advantages being that you are not the one giving explanations. It is certainly better than making activity sheets.


Reptile facts for pre-schoolers – what they will learn

It is common knowledge for adults that reptiles are cold-blooded creatures, but children may not be aware of this tiny detail. As a matter of fact, you will be surprised to see how oblivious children are when it comes to snakes and lizards. Unless they participate in lessons dedicated to this wildlife group, they are not likely to become knowledgeable any time soon. At the end of a reptile lesson, students will know that snakes and lizards are reptiles, no tot mention that there are many kinds of animals distributed across the continent. The cold-blooded creatures are a very important part of the food web, which should be reason enough to expand children’s’ knowledge on the matter.

Reptile education for kids is fun

Kids largely perceived school lessons as being meaningless, not to mention that they have a short attention span. The point is that if you want pre-schoolers to be responsive, you need to think about a reptile show. Reptile shows are at the same time educational and fun, so you can be sure that children will love this experience. As mentioned before, you do not have to provide explanations. The team you hire is responsible for providing enriching information and making students aware of the fact that it is essential to preserve the wildlife for future generations. The main focus of the program is getting the children to relate to the animals. They will get to see geckos, turtles, dragons, snakes and more.

Learning about the importance of living with reptiles

No lesson about Australian wildlife is complete without a little bit of conservation education. Should the experts forget about this essential detail, you should not. Following the school incursion, you should talk about why snakes and lizards are important components of the environment and why humans and cold-blooded creatures should live side by side. You may be tempted to think that this kind of information is too complex for young minds, but it is not. Pre-schoolers are capable of understanding such values.