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How is online tutoring better than traditional tutoring?

Posted by on Feb 15, 2017

How is online tutoring better than traditional tutoring?

There are many situations when going just to school classes is not enough for children to grasp the complexity of the curriculum and tutoring is required to help them understand difficult subjects better. And by tutoring most parents understand hiring a teacher to come by their place and spend a couple of hours doing additional exercises and explaining lessons that the student didn’t understand during classes. However, a newer and more modern approach is starting to gain ground: online tutoring. The concept is the same, the only difference being is that tutoring takes place over the Web instead of face to face. If you’re intrigued by the concept, but don’t know if this option is better than the traditional one, these points will help you make a decision.



Kids are more open to technology

First of all, it is common knowledge that kids love technology and they are very open towards it. Learning using the Internet sounds peculiar to parents, but for kids, it’s something that comes naturally. If the idea of having a tutor might make your son or daughter cringe and argue, an online session will actually be met with more enthusiasm. Children love everything that has to do with computers and Internet, so online tutoring is the perfect solution.


Online tutoring is cheaper

No matter how much you might want to help your child, tutoring does come at a cost. In addition to the cost of teaching per se, the price per traditional tutoring session will be higher if the tutor has to commute to get to your place. This is where online teaching is much more convenient option. Because the professors don’t have to travel to get to your house and everything takes place over the Web, prices are lower, so not only can you afford more classes per week, but also cover more subjects without compromising your monthly family budget.


Online tutoring is less intimidating

The entire point of tutoring is to cover things that were not completely understood in class. However, if your child is more shy and intimidated by the tutor, they will not ask all the questions for fear of being embarrassed or scolded. Working with teacher over the web is more comfortable for children and the distance will help them feel more at ease and ask right away if they don’t understand something. As mentioned previously, young students are used to using computers and video chatting, so they will have the confidence to interact with the tutor more.

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The home away from home for children – Day nurseries

Posted by on Feb 7, 2017

The home away from home for children – Day nurseries


For children, it is highly important to let them know they are loved and cared for. However, parents don’t have the ability of permanently supervising them and to provide proper education at the same time. For this purpose, it is necessary for parents to find a temporary place to let them stay while they are at work. Day care centres gained more and more popularity nowadays, because children can get the feeling of belonging, a feeling similar to the one they get when staying at home. Besides this highly important aspect, a day nursery Hendon located can offer parents the peace of mind they need while at work as well great educational levels for their children. As you can see, letting your child stay a few hours a day in a nursery can have a great positive impact on their development.

Always know your child’s educational development

Of course, an alternative to day-care centres are nannies, but they lack the tools and ability of keeping a clear record of your child’s development. Also, they might lack proper educational levels so they empower your child to develop higher levels of literacy, mathematics skills and other relevant knowledge for them. Because of this, when you take your child to a day nursery, you can be sure they will benefit from all the care possible, proper levels of education and you can be sure you’ll always have an eye on their journey and accomplishments.

Highly trained personnel

Knowing that you are letting your child in a friendly environment and that they will be assisted by teachers fully understanding child psychology, can have a great impact on your emotional state as well. Parents oftentimes feel strong guilt because they feel they abandon their children for a few hours a day. In day-care centres, on the contrary, children benefit from the company of other fellow children as well as the company of specialised personnel, able to develop in them social skills as well as basic knowledge on topics such as literature, mathematics and personal and emotional development.

Diverse curricula for all children

As we previously mentioned, in day nurseries, children are introduced to basic notions of maths and literature. However, here, they can develop a series of important skills, uncultivated until recent years. Social skills and personal development are some aspects many day nurseries have in their curricula. And because a healthy development is assisted by some physical activity courses, you can be sure that your little treasure will grow healthy and happy in day nurseries.

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Student housing – how to rent privately

Posted by on Jan 3, 2017

Student housing – how to rent privately


If you are desperately seeking a place to live in Newcastle, you should consider private rented accommodation. Almost all UK students live in housing provided by private landlords and it is not difficult to understand why. Unlike living in university halls of residence, you do not have to share your living space with anyone else (unless you choose to), not to mention that you can decide where you want to live. If you are indeed sure that you want to rent private landlord student housing Newcastle, whether a flat or a room, you need to keep in mind the following things.

Using a letting agent

As stated previously, the number of students that lease private rented accommodation is high. It seems that living in a private space is much more appealing than spending one’s time in university halls of residence. What you should know is that you have the possibility of using a letting agent. While this is not mandatory, a letting agent will come in handy. The professional will know where all the good properties are and will help you with the paperwork. If you choose to do things on your own, make sure you know what is involved.

Make an accommodation budget

Of course, the cost will vary considerably depending on the location. What you have to do is establish a budget and look up the figures for the area. You want to be sure that you are getting a good deal. Yet again, it is worth having some help and guidance.

Viewing the student house

Considering that you will spend a great deal of time there, you better view the property and see if there are not any surprises. The best reference you will get from former tenants. While it may take you some time until you locate them, it is important to have a little discussion. What you need to find out is whether or not they liked living there and how the neighbours are. Equally important is to look for signs of dampness or mould. You can never know what is lying beneath the surface.

Talking about the rent

If you do take matters into your own hands and rent from a private landlord, you need to be clear about the rent. It is important to highlight that the rent is only an asking price, which means that you can negotiate. Just treat the situation as if you were buying a house. The bills are separated from the rent, but if there are any additional payments, they should be included in the lease agreement.



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