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Key aspects that would influence your stay in a student accommodation

Posted by on Jul 4, 2016

Key aspects that would influence your stay in a student accommodation

When enrolling to college you have the possibility to opt between a rented condo and a student accommodation facility. Because all your older friends exposed you the plenty advantages of staying in a student accommodation, you might be tempted to choose one. Well, this is one of the best decisions you have made, because you will have a lot of fun, and you will have the opportunity to meet new people, who could become your best friends, and even help you in your career. But, because this is the first time you are away from home, and you do not know what aspects are important when choosing a student accommodation Newcastle. Here are some recommendations that would help you have a great stay during your studies.


The location of the accommodation facility is very important, because it has to keep a balance between the distance to the university and to the main places from the town you spend time visiting. You do not want to spend a lot of time in the morning trying to get to the classes, because it is useless to spend time on the road, when you could simply sleep, and be fresh for attending the courses. Also, you should try to be as close as possible to your friends and to the key points from the town, because after classes, you will spend the majority of time with them, and you have to be able to get home as fast as possible. Time efficiency is the key when choosing the location.

The neighbours

When choosing to stay in a student accommodation you should expect to be surrounded by students. When thinking at this idea you might find it amazing, but you should also know that different students have different habits and you might end up fighting with your neighbours on subjects you might not even think about it. Therefore, when you rent the accommodation facility, you should ask the landlord about your neighbours and their lifestyle, because you should try to know them before moving in. If you are lucky you will have neighbours who study at the same faculty as you do, and share the same hobbies. In this way you will become friends, and you will find this experience an amazing one.

The furniture and appliances

Depending on the type of accommodation you are choosing, you should pay attention at the appliances and furniture it features. In case you do not have the opportunity to visit the location, you should ask the landlord to send you pictures from the exact space you are going to rent, to have a clear idea on what it provides. You should focus on the bed, and on the type of mattress it has, because you have to be sure that you will be able to sleep well. Also, do not forget to ask the landlord if you are going to receive bed clothes because you might have to bring your own ones.