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How to prepare for the acting school audition

Posted by on Apr 8, 2016

How to prepare for the acting school audition

Turning drama from a passion into an acting career is a difficult step owing to the fact that there are so many routes going into the industry, one of them being drama school. There is no right or wrong path, but rather the path that suits you the best. Drama school courses are at the same time practical and vocational, being especially designed so as to prepare you for working as an actor your entire life. If you are taking into consideration applying to drama school, then you should have to be prepared to jump over a couple of hoops. This article is aimed at preparing you for the acting school audition and how to survive it.

Understand how the particular process works

If you want to get into a cours de theatre Paris, you have to learn how the particular process works. The reason why you should get a full understanding of the audition process is that it can vary from school to school. While some drama schools may hold one-day auditions, others hold auditions at the end of the day. On the other hand, there are acting schools that will make you go through several rounds of recalls, where you will experience an increasing sense of hopefulness and also tension as you get near the final decision. As a general rule, most auditions imply a monologue and exercises suggested by the teacher that should reveal your skills. Last but not least, some auditions include an interview with the professor.

It’s competitive, so commit to the craft!

The vast majority of schools see about thousands of people for a limited number of places. While this may not be what you want to hear, it is important to be reminded of this so as not to get false hopes. You will be judged not only for your dramatic abilities and theatrical talent, but also for your determination to thrive. As mentioned before, for the majority of drama courses, you will have to attend at least one audition and interview to gain an entry to your course. Training last about three years and many schools base their acceptance on pure talent only.

Your job in the performance

The biggest mistake that you can do when you audition is to launch in. If you simply go through the monologue without giving it very much thought to the world you are creating, then you are likely to create a distance between yourself and the audience. Your duty, especially in the performance, is to invite the audience into the world of the character. If the members of the panel do not become absorbed and engrossed, you have not succeeded. Another thing that you should consider in order to succeed is that the monologue is sort of like a show. This basically means that your performance has to show changes in mood, pace, tense and atmosphere. Even if the show lasts two minutes, you still have to bring about change. Before beginning, take time to connect with what you want to achieve.