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Do’s and Don’ts for Freshmen College Students

Posted by on Sep 10, 2018

Being a freshman college student can be a bit overwhelming, at first. Everybody older than you seem to have a piece of advice to share, and sometimes, those can be contradictory. You can’t figure out exactly which recommendation you should follow and which you shouldn’t. Luckily for you, the list below will help you figure out things in college easier.


Don’t Overschedule Yourself

While many people will encourage you to try new things and experiences, try not to overschedule yourself. You still need some recovery and relaxation time. Don’t worry, there’s time for everything. All new experiences that you want to have will still be there. You will get to know how things work around the campus no matter what you do, so overworking yourself is not worth it. It’s easy to cross that line, now that you have all the freedom that you want, but try not to.

Do Rent a Storage Unit

If you think that all your belongings will fit in a college campus room, you’re fooling yourself. Most of your belongings, especially the off-season one, won’t be of any use, initially. Instead of trying to fit everything in a small college campus room, those with more experience in college life recommend starting to search for “storage units near me”. Take there all your off-season belongings and implement a rotation. This will help you have everything needed while away from home, but still enjoy a generous space in your room. During the summer, instead of taking of your things with you back home, take everything to the unit and you will save plenty of time and money!

Don’t Buy Your Textbooks Early

You are used to buying school supplies like in the high-school. This task is a bit different now. A rule of thumb is never buying your college textbooks early. These can cost hundreds of dollars. If you manage to find used textbooks, you’re in for a bargain. Many professors don’t have a certain study book and you can get away with spending less on other options. This is why those older than you recommend waiting until you have your first class with each professor. There might be a lot of manoeuvre space regarding your textbooks.

Do Go to Classes

Many freshman college students think that college classes are not mandatory. Bad news, if you think the same. They are. And if you don’t want to fail your classes and fall behind with your studying, better attend your classes. Even those early ones. This will help you at the end of each semester. Even if you don’t read each course, you will have a slight idea on the information. Your brain will absorb information once exposed to it.

These are some simple pieces of advice that will help you have an easier time as a freshman student. Make sure to follow them closely, as some small details and differences can make an enormous difference. Also, remember that your college years are just enough to experience everything you could imagine.