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Tenancy rights that you should have as a student

Posted by on Mar 21, 2016

Tenancy rights that you should have as a student

Student life has its ups and downs; you’ll meet new people, make friends, learn new things, complete your academic life and become a fully functioning adult. At the same time, though, you’ll also go through a lot of stress, unexpected changes, demanding teachers and maybe an annoying roommate. Student accommodation is one the things that you will either love or hate, depending on how selective you are when you sign your first tenancy contract. To avoid an unpleasant experience and have a nice place to go back to after you finish classes, you should know your rights. Talk to your student accommodation Birmingham provider about rights and responsibilities and avoid signing contracts with people who have a lot of demands and requirements, but do not offer the following in return.

The right to safety

Safety is paramount in homes and student accommodation is no exception. Before signing a tenancy agreement, ask the property owner or manager about safety. Is the property equipped with emergency fire exits, alarms and smoke detectors on each floor? If not, you are living on that property at your own risk. In addition to these basics, you should also inquire about CCTV cams, especially if leave your vehicle in the parking outside.

Regular appliance checks and repairs

All buildings are prone to daily wear and tear and accidents can happen any time. To prevent unpleasant, potentially dangerous situations, make sure your house or apartment is checked regularly for gas leaks, plumbing and electrical issues. Normally, management should cover the cost of these checks and repairs, unless there is someone directly responsible for the damage.

Pest removal services

If you have student friends, you have probably heard stories about unwanted visits from rats, fleas, cockroaches and bedbugs. However, you should not let these stories lower your standards. Before signing the lease, remember to check for signs of pests and, if you should get them throughout the year, ask if there is someone to take care of the problem immediately.

Guest rights

The flexibility of guest rights may vary depending on the property, but, in general, you should be allowed to receive overnight visitors twice a week, as long as they are considerate of other peoples’ privacy. It is your right to have visitors, but note that the management may choose to forbid some people from entering the property if they think it could be dangerous for the other students.

Someone to report to

Whether you want someone to talk to about your rights or discuss technical issues, management should be available. When signing the contract, establish whom you will report to in case of emergencies. This can be either the actual property owner or a senior student who is in charge of the entire floor. The landlord has the right to regular visits, but they should be announced.

These are some of the rights you should be endowed with as a student. No matter where you will be going to university in the UK, make sure you understand what your rights and responsibilities are!

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