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Effective methods that will help your children learn Spanish easier

Posted by on Jun 12, 2017

Effective methods that will help your children learn Spanish easier

It is very important to encourage your child to learn a foreign language and not limit to its native one. Learning a new language like Spanish from a young age will be helpful in the future, whether he will travel, he will have foreign colleagues or he will meet people from another country. Children assimilate new information easier than grownups, but can sometimes be difficult, because they get bored very fast and this is why you have to find fun ways to make your kids enjoy learning Spanish.

Flashcards are an entertaining alternative

Using Spanish flashcards helps children retain information easier because they each contain the image of a certain thing and a word that describes it. The image can illustrate a feeling, an action, a noun, a colour, a shape and so on. The flashcards can contain the image of a dog, with the word “dog” that describes it, and its translation in Spanish, to make things easier for the kid. Adults or students can use flashcards too.

Learn Spanish while playing games

Children love games, and let’s face it, adults too. This is why integrating games in Spanish learning is fun and effective. Learning should be a pleasant activity, so find appropriate, educational games that will help the little one explore the Spanish language. There are also games that help children with pronunciation and you should try anything that makes you relax and enjoy.

The benefits of movies and cartoons

Believe it or not, movies and cartoons have a great influence on your child’s brain. Your child will associate the images from the movies and cartoons with the language used. If your kid is watching Spanish movies, he will learn little by little the way that the words are pronounced and their meaning. Make sure you choose suitable moving pictures for his age.

Do not forget about reading

Reading remains an essential activity used for learning new things. Look for Spanish books that you think your children will find interesting, or even try to find your child’s favourite book in Spanish edition. He will already know what the plot is, so he will focus more on the Spanish vocabulary. Choose easy, simple books for the start. For more effectiveness you can find an audiobook and your child can read along while hearing a native speaker.

It is very important to teach your child to love learning new things from a young age and the key to achieve that is finding fun methods.


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Why you need to really consider babysitting services?

Posted by on Apr 10, 2017

When it comes to raising children, maybe one of the most difficult decisions you will have to make is settling on education related issues. Finally people have started to understand that the key to a successful life is found in education and not the life standard you teach your children live with. In other words, instead of offering your son or daughter the sun and the moon, you should first teach him how to get them for himself. Education is the key source to a successful and rewarding life and everything starts when they are very young. You might think that finding a babysitting agency in London is a piece of cake, especially because this part of their education, presumably has no great impact over their lives. Choosing without giving that much thought will affect the child more than you think. All good educations start fresh, when children are extremely young. Here are a few ways in which the babysitter can be of a great help.


Open his mind


Setting the foundation towards knowledge and the interest of gaining knowledge is done when the child is young. A babysitter that has been adequately trained to provide the child with all the means to have a beautiful life will teach him to pay attention. She will train his mind, without the child knowing without him it, in a fun and exciting manner, fit for his age.


Making the child curious


The great thing about working with a dedicated babysitter is that you will increase your child’s curiosity. It is very important to collaborate with a babysitter that knows what games to use to entice the child, to make him or her want to know more and to find out more. Curiosity is the fuel hat will keep the education going and you should make sure that your son or daughter has lots of it.

Developing social skills


What is education if not a great big box of information that is given to the child bit by bit? From kindergarten to college, your child discovers that the box has various layers of knowledge. Perhaps that one of the most important things the child will discover within the box is the ability to communicate and this is essential for children in their relationship with education. The good news is that they will learn it if the babysitter is adequately trained. Their mind is like a sponge and if the babysitter knows how to use it, your child will have lots to gain.


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The home away from home for children – Day nurseries

Posted by on Feb 7, 2017

The home away from home for children – Day nurseries


For children, it is highly important to let them know they are loved and cared for. However, parents don’t have the ability of permanently supervising them and to provide proper education at the same time. For this purpose, it is necessary for parents to find a temporary place to let them stay while they are at work. Day care centres gained more and more popularity nowadays, because children can get the feeling of belonging, a feeling similar to the one they get when staying at home. Besides this highly important aspect, a day nursery Hendon located can offer parents the peace of mind they need while at work as well great educational levels for their children. As you can see, letting your child stay a few hours a day in a nursery can have a great positive impact on their development.

Always know your child’s educational development

Of course, an alternative to day-care centres are nannies, but they lack the tools and ability of keeping a clear record of your child’s development. Also, they might lack proper educational levels so they empower your child to develop higher levels of literacy, mathematics skills and other relevant knowledge for them. Because of this, when you take your child to a day nursery, you can be sure they will benefit from all the care possible, proper levels of education and you can be sure you’ll always have an eye on their journey and accomplishments.

Highly trained personnel

Knowing that you are letting your child in a friendly environment and that they will be assisted by teachers fully understanding child psychology, can have a great impact on your emotional state as well. Parents oftentimes feel strong guilt because they feel they abandon their children for a few hours a day. In day-care centres, on the contrary, children benefit from the company of other fellow children as well as the company of specialised personnel, able to develop in them social skills as well as basic knowledge on topics such as literature, mathematics and personal and emotional development.

Diverse curricula for all children

As we previously mentioned, in day nurseries, children are introduced to basic notions of maths and literature. However, here, they can develop a series of important skills, uncultivated until recent years. Social skills and personal development are some aspects many day nurseries have in their curricula. And because a healthy development is assisted by some physical activity courses, you can be sure that your little treasure will grow healthy and happy in day nurseries.

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Preschool education: Talking to children about reptiles

Posted by on Nov 24, 2016

Preschool education: Talking to children about reptiles

Teaching pre-schoolers about Australian wildlife is important, but at the same time it is a challenge. The reason for this is that children spend all their free time in front of the television and the computer and it is needless to say that their connection with nature is non-existent. As a teacher, it is your responsibility to talk to your students about the value of wildlife and, of course, their environment. While pre-schoolers are open when it comes to new things, especially lessons about animals, you are not likely to grab their attention with just plain facts. What you should do is think about a hands-on approach to learning. More precisely, you should book a reptile show. Live reptile shows as school incursions Melbourne are a great idea, one of the biggest advantages being that you are not the one giving explanations. It is certainly better than making activity sheets.


Reptile facts for pre-schoolers – what they will learn

It is common knowledge for adults that reptiles are cold-blooded creatures, but children may not be aware of this tiny detail. As a matter of fact, you will be surprised to see how oblivious children are when it comes to snakes and lizards. Unless they participate in lessons dedicated to this wildlife group, they are not likely to become knowledgeable any time soon. At the end of a reptile lesson, students will know that snakes and lizards are reptiles, no tot mention that there are many kinds of animals distributed across the continent. The cold-blooded creatures are a very important part of the food web, which should be reason enough to expand children’s’ knowledge on the matter.

Reptile education for kids is fun

Kids largely perceived school lessons as being meaningless, not to mention that they have a short attention span. The point is that if you want pre-schoolers to be responsive, you need to think about a reptile show. Reptile shows are at the same time educational and fun, so you can be sure that children will love this experience. As mentioned before, you do not have to provide explanations. The team you hire is responsible for providing enriching information and making students aware of the fact that it is essential to preserve the wildlife for future generations. The main focus of the program is getting the children to relate to the animals. They will get to see geckos, turtles, dragons, snakes and more.

Learning about the importance of living with reptiles

No lesson about Australian wildlife is complete without a little bit of conservation education. Should the experts forget about this essential detail, you should not. Following the school incursion, you should talk about why snakes and lizards are important components of the environment and why humans and cold-blooded creatures should live side by side. You may be tempted to think that this kind of information is too complex for young minds, but it is not. Pre-schoolers are capable of understanding such values.

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Have you ever thought that your child needs tutoring?

Posted by on Nov 10, 2016

Have you ever thought that your child needs tutoring?

Children are completely different and this is why they have different grades. Some of them are very smart and they don’t need too much help when they do their homework. Others are completely different because they need more attention. Sometimes, parents can be very angry because their children don’t have the same grades as other and they punish them. It is a wrong attitude because they have to think to some better solutions that are not as extreme as a horrible punishment. It is very possible that a child has a bad grade only because he doesn’t like that subject or he needs more time in order to assimilate some information. The best thing that a parent should do is to hire some tutors from because they can be more efficient than some schoolteachers.

Your child doesn’t know how to organize his time

In many cases, children don’t finish their homework because they don’t have enough time. As a parent, you should try to pay more attention to his activities. Maybe he needs your support in order to be more organized. It would be very well if you would make a schedule that he would respect every day. It is true that you are too busy all the time but you don’t want to have a child who always comes home with low grades. They are just kids and they don’t realize how important it is to respect their responsibilities. The main problems appear only because parents forget to monitor the activity of his children. A schedule can be very efficient because it is precise. You can put it on a wall in his room, so that he can see it every day.

Why is tutoring so efficient?

If your child is always very confused about some things that he learns at school, it means that he needs some special treatment. Tutoring can be the best solution for him because he will spend more time exercising what he didn’t understand in the classroom. It is very possible that the teacher from school has a different style that doesn’t fit his personality. The teacher is very important because it has to be very patience and ready to listen to their questions every time. Usually, the teacher has to use interactive methods of learning because children get bored very fast. In a classroom with many pupils, it is not enough time to listen to every problem that somebody has and to explain dozens of time the same thing. But when it comes to tutoring, things are different because your child receives all the attention he needs.

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Choose the best for your children

Posted by on Oct 12, 2016

Choose the best for your children

Every parent knows that education is very important for a child. If we think to our childhood, we remember that our parents have always told us that if we learn well we would not have problems in the future. It is a fact that came true for everybody. However, many children don’t understand this and don’t pay attention to what their teacher explains in the classroom. This is why if you search on the internet something like “private tuition Harrow” you will have many results. Parents have noticed that they have the possibility to hire some teachers who offer private lessons after school. It seems to be a very good idea that can make your children understand better some things if he is in the spotlight.

Some children understand better through private lessons

Our education system is usually focused on competition. Some children really love to learn and want to be the best from their class or maybe from school. However, there are some children who are not paying attention in classroom, being distracted by other unimportant things. The only way in which they can have performances is to have lessons in private. You can find many good teachers who offer private tuition. In this type of teaching, the child is favoured because the teacher focuses on his misunderstandings. If he doesn’t understand something, he receives how many explanations he needs. The child can also receive help with the homework if he has problems with it. Many parents who did that for their children are very content with their decision. The results were very satisfying after just a few sessions.

Parents get feedback regularly

You shouldn’t be afraid to let your children get private tuition. You will receive feedback from the teachers and everything would be under control. It is also a very normal process that has a lot of advantages. First of all, they receive direct explanations and the whole attention. Every parent should know that a child needs help when he does his homework. This could be a problem for many parents who work a lot and they don’t have time for this. A child shouldn’t be neglected in these situations because after some gaps he would give up. In some cases, children are afraid to tell what they don’t understand because they can be rebuked by their parents or teachers. They are also stressed that their mates would laugh when they ask the teacher to explain something again. When they receive private tuition, their teachers would ask them personally if they have problems in understanding something.

Encourage your children every time you can

What is the most important for a children is to be encouraged in every situation. They need this all the time. If he feels that his parents support him, he would have many achievements. A child grows and evolves well only when he is supported by his family. In learning a children should be encouraged for everything he does well.

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