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Do’s and Don’ts for Freshmen College Students

Posted by on Sep 10, 2018

Being a freshman college student can be a bit overwhelming, at first. Everybody older than you seem to have a piece of advice to share, and sometimes, those can be contradictory. You can’t figure out exactly which recommendation you should follow and which you shouldn’t. Luckily for you, the list below will help you figure out things in college easier.


Don’t Overschedule Yourself

While many people will encourage you to try new things and experiences, try not to overschedule yourself. You still need some recovery and relaxation time. Don’t worry, there’s time for everything. All new experiences that you want to have will still be there. You will get to know how things work around the campus no matter what you do, so overworking yourself is not worth it. It’s easy to cross that line, now that you have all the freedom that you want, but try not to.

Do Rent a Storage Unit

If you think that all your belongings will fit in a college campus room, you’re fooling yourself. Most of your belongings, especially the off-season one, won’t be of any use, initially. Instead of trying to fit everything in a small college campus room, those with more experience in college life recommend starting to search for “storage units near me”. Take there all your off-season belongings and implement a rotation. This will help you have everything needed while away from home, but still enjoy a generous space in your room. During the summer, instead of taking of your things with you back home, take everything to the unit and you will save plenty of time and money!

Don’t Buy Your Textbooks Early

You are used to buying school supplies like in the high-school. This task is a bit different now. A rule of thumb is never buying your college textbooks early. These can cost hundreds of dollars. If you manage to find used textbooks, you’re in for a bargain. Many professors don’t have a certain study book and you can get away with spending less on other options. This is why those older than you recommend waiting until you have your first class with each professor. There might be a lot of manoeuvre space regarding your textbooks.

Do Go to Classes

Many freshman college students think that college classes are not mandatory. Bad news, if you think the same. They are. And if you don’t want to fail your classes and fall behind with your studying, better attend your classes. Even those early ones. This will help you at the end of each semester. Even if you don’t read each course, you will have a slight idea on the information. Your brain will absorb information once exposed to it.

These are some simple pieces of advice that will help you have an easier time as a freshman student. Make sure to follow them closely, as some small details and differences can make an enormous difference. Also, remember that your college years are just enough to experience everything you could imagine.

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Why is learning English so important for your kid’s career?

Posted by on Jan 25, 2018

Why is learning English so important for your kid’s career?

You may be wondering why learning English became paramount in today’s society. Well, the reasons are various but the most important one would be the fact that it is an international language that allows people to communicate with each other in an efficient, professional manner. Almost all the international schools and programmes are being held in English and this is the main language of every device, program or machinery that people use. Most jobs require fluency in speaking English and this should be taken into account when you decide what studies your kid should undergo. Here are a few facts that will convince you that English is the stepping stone to the future generation’s careers:


English can easily be mastered

English is not a complicated language. Anyone can learn how to speak English if they have enough motivation to do it. Taking an English lesson skype every now and then might help your kids – or even yourself – to learn how to properly communicate in a foreign language. This way, there’s no need of leaving the comfort of your own home behind. Your children do not have to attend difficult, expensive courses in order to fluently speak English. If you include English in their daily activities, you won’t be able to tell how fast time has passed and how rapid their language skills developed.

Repetition and practice are what makes it easy to learn new words and finally express yourself freely. The same goes for watching as many English-subtitled movies as possible instead of always opting for your mother language subtitles. Video games and the mobile phone’s menu are other sources of learning new words. People nowadays are entirely surrounded by the influence of English so it’s quite impossible not to learn something by simply attending daily activities.

Your children will have more opportunities

Once they learn English, more opportunities will show in your children’s path. Many job positions require English as a second language and this is very important since the hiring interview depends on it. Almost all potential employees started to include English interviews in the application process, so not studying it will be a decision to regret later on. Knowing English is a tremendous boost in one’s career, no matter the field they are working in. Some companies offer raises for people who can talk or write in English because it’s beneficial for the business’ productivity.

Passing official exams like IELTS, TOEFL, CAE, FCE etc. is a huge benefit in case your children decide they want to study or work abroad. Most major universities demand such an exam certificate in order to attend the courses available there. The same goes for big companies. Each job implies speaking or writing English in some way and, even if it doesn’t, it is a big plus for any person who is capable of mastering it. English is the language of the future, of technology and global communication. You can travel worry-free knowing that you’ll be able to understand what’s happening by speaking English.

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Does your kid want to study abroad? Here’s what you should know

Posted by on Jun 22, 2017

Are you facing the period when your adolescent needs to decide their future education options? If you happen to be from a country which does not have English as an official language, you may be wondering if your child is going to do okay at one of the universities that requires it as a main mean of communication. Nowadays, there are plenty of methods to study English varying from the simple apps for your phone or the free online sites that help you with your vocabulary and so on. But there intervenes a problem: how about a certified English exam? Most universities require a certification for this language so you need to inform yourself what are the steps to obtain one. Here are some tips:




You should set up early enough some courses your kid needs to take. Mastering English is not an easy thing to do without the help of a professional. If you do happen to live in Australia, the most searched for exam is the Pearson Test of English. PTE Courses Sydney offers your child the opportunity to prepare thoroughly with specialized help. If you are interested in such services, you should communicate to your loved one and make an appointment for the date and time that suits him best, taking into account that their program is flexible and you can choose whatever schedule you may like.  The PTE courses also include:

  • Trial classes
  • 4 weeks of courses where 60 hours of material are condensed
  • Flexible schedule
  • Preparation materials
  • All sections of the exam covered (Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking)
  • Social media support
  • Instant feedback
  • Individual needs management and many more

Taking the actual test

The PTE consists of three main parts subdivided into more subsections. The speaking part implies the personal introduction of the speaker, reading, describing an image, answering short questions and lecturing. The writing part consists of an essay written in 20 minutes. Reading presupposes multiple-choice exercises, reordering paragraphs and gapped texts. The listening part means summarizing a spoken text, highlighting the correct summary of the text, selecting missing words or incorrect words or writing from dictation.  After lots of preparation and studying, you should encourage your child not to be nervous about the test. His knowledge should be vast enough at the moment of taking the test, so no worries are to be implied. If your child’s attire includes a conversational level of English and no grammar problems, the exam would be a piece of cake. After passing PTE, the certificate will allow your kid to study abroad no questions asked. The only things you need to do is constantly support him and offer him the resources he needs and everything should go fluently.


To sum it up, do not be worried if your kid wants to study abroad. There are lots of options you can take into consideration and time is not limited. Preparations will get him going through this stressful extent of time and he will be more than proud of himself when seeing the great results he achieved.

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Effective methods that will help your children learn Spanish easier

Posted by on Jun 12, 2017

Effective methods that will help your children learn Spanish easier

It is very important to encourage your child to learn a foreign language and not limit to its native one. Learning a new language like Spanish from a young age will be helpful in the future, whether he will travel, he will have foreign colleagues or he will meet people from another country. Children assimilate new information easier than grownups, but can sometimes be difficult, because they get bored very fast and this is why you have to find fun ways to make your kids enjoy learning Spanish.

Flashcards are an entertaining alternative

Using Spanish flashcards helps children retain information easier because they each contain the image of a certain thing and a word that describes it. The image can illustrate a feeling, an action, a noun, a colour, a shape and so on. The flashcards can contain the image of a dog, with the word “dog” that describes it, and its translation in Spanish, to make things easier for the kid. Adults or students can use flashcards too.

Learn Spanish while playing games

Children love games, and let’s face it, adults too. This is why integrating games in Spanish learning is fun and effective. Learning should be a pleasant activity, so find appropriate, educational games that will help the little one explore the Spanish language. There are also games that help children with pronunciation and you should try anything that makes you relax and enjoy.

The benefits of movies and cartoons

Believe it or not, movies and cartoons have a great influence on your child’s brain. Your child will associate the images from the movies and cartoons with the language used. If your kid is watching Spanish movies, he will learn little by little the way that the words are pronounced and their meaning. Make sure you choose suitable moving pictures for his age.

Do not forget about reading

Reading remains an essential activity used for learning new things. Look for Spanish books that you think your children will find interesting, or even try to find your child’s favourite book in Spanish edition. He will already know what the plot is, so he will focus more on the Spanish vocabulary. Choose easy, simple books for the start. For more effectiveness you can find an audiobook and your child can read along while hearing a native speaker.

It is very important to teach your child to love learning new things from a young age and the key to achieve that is finding fun methods.


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Why you need to really consider babysitting services?

Posted by on Apr 10, 2017

When it comes to raising children, maybe one of the most difficult decisions you will have to make is settling on education related issues. Finally people have started to understand that the key to a successful life is found in education and not the life standard you teach your children live with. In other words, instead of offering your son or daughter the sun and the moon, you should first teach him how to get them for himself. Education is the key source to a successful and rewarding life and everything starts when they are very young. You might think that finding a babysitting agency in London is a piece of cake, especially because this part of their education, presumably has no great impact over their lives. Choosing without giving that much thought will affect the child more than you think. All good educations start fresh, when children are extremely young. Here are a few ways in which the babysitter can be of a great help.


Open his mind


Setting the foundation towards knowledge and the interest of gaining knowledge is done when the child is young. A babysitter that has been adequately trained to provide the child with all the means to have a beautiful life will teach him to pay attention. She will train his mind, without the child knowing without him it, in a fun and exciting manner, fit for his age.


Making the child curious


The great thing about working with a dedicated babysitter is that you will increase your child’s curiosity. It is very important to collaborate with a babysitter that knows what games to use to entice the child, to make him or her want to know more and to find out more. Curiosity is the fuel hat will keep the education going and you should make sure that your son or daughter has lots of it.

Developing social skills


What is education if not a great big box of information that is given to the child bit by bit? From kindergarten to college, your child discovers that the box has various layers of knowledge. Perhaps that one of the most important things the child will discover within the box is the ability to communicate and this is essential for children in their relationship with education. The good news is that they will learn it if the babysitter is adequately trained. Their mind is like a sponge and if the babysitter knows how to use it, your child will have lots to gain.


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